37 Factors of Enlightenment 1

Shifu Zhihan

Understaing the 37 Factors of Enlightenment and how to put them into practice is essential for all Buddhist practitioners. Shifu Zhihan will be giving a series of lectures on all the 37 factors and their applications in daily life practice.

Buddhist Way to Prosperity

Shifu Zhihan's talk on Prosperity from the Buddhsit perspective

2016-10-23 "The Buddhist Way to Prosperity" event organized by Bodhiyana Buddhist Education Society. Shifu Zhihan shares the Buddhist perspective on "Prosperity".


by Ven. Zhihan in Mandarin Chinese

Ven. Zhihan narrates Shakyamuni Buddha's Life starting from birth to his enlightenment.


Integral Vision of Buddhism

by Ven. Zhihan (English)

Giving an overview of the history of Buddhism and the development of the different Buddhist sects, introducing a systematic approach to study and practice Buddhism.




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